What we hope to find out

We will analyse the discussions we have with people who are eligible for cervical screening and those who are involved in providing cervical screening to find out:
  • What people would want to know about self-sampling.
  • How people would want to be told about a potential change in the cervical screening programme to include self-sampling.
  • How we can best support people to make a decision about which type of sampling would be most suited to their needs and preferences.
  • What is changeable and / or achievable in practice if a choice in sampling method is brought into the cervical screening programmes.

Working with patient and stakeholder partners we will:
  • Make recommendations about how a change in screening programme could be best communicated.
  • Create a theoretical model for how best to support people with a choice in sampling method.  
  • Make recommendations for the development of a decision support aid for people to help make the best sampling method decision for them.